Wealth Management

Vinci Wealth Management (VGP – Vinci Gestão de Patrimônio) grew out of Vinci’s partners own needs for a highly refined service for structuring, planning, allocating, monitoring and controlling their liquid and illiquid investments – both in Brazil and abroad. This service also includes succession and estate planning. Because effectively clients are considered to be our partners, we offer them full access to the same services.

The team is divided into three groups:

The Asset Intelligence Team has a thorough legal and financial background and understands how to develop strategies for asset protection and succession and estate planning.

The Relationship Management Team is responsible for a complete understanding of the client’s investment profile – liquidity and cash flow needs, risk and return expectations. The team develops asset allocation strategies for each client after analyzing and discussing the full spectrum of opportunities available.

The Asset Allocation Team is responsible for the selection and allocation of client portfolios, as well as ensuring that each client’s investment policy and risk profile are observed and monitored. The management process is based on a permanent quest for the best return/risk ratio through the use of a completely open architecture and asset protection strategies that minimize the impact of stressful events.

VGP uses a fully transparent compensation model, whereby the team negotiates the best possible fees with managers and return all rebates and commissions to clients. This model completely aligns both firm and client interests: all resources subject to the same structures, fees and opportunities. The results and strategies are constantly monitored, analyzed and reported to the client, along with full access to all stages of Vinci’s investment process.